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Paintings from Hawaii and California

Originals - Newest Work Maui

Click here to see some of my newest original paintings from Maui, Hawaii

Note Cards

This is a selection of 6 note cards with various scenes from Hawaii

Originals & Reproductions Maui

Here you can find various originals and reproductions from Maui, Hawaii

Let Me Paint Your Scene


Show me your scene and I will turn it into an original painting for you

California & More

Here are a variety of original oil paintings from California and more

See the Video of Diane's inspiration for this piece- "Moonsetting at Sunrise" - for full effect please turn sound on!  "Maui Moonset at Sunrise" 12 x 12 is available. See "Originals " Gallery.
Oil Painting by Diane Snoey Appler "Moonsetting at Sunrise" in Maui


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Diane Snoey Appler, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii  1-408-314-1627

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