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California & More

California & Rest of World- Original Art

Landscapes with the endless vistas from mountain to ocean and rolling hills in between are a favorite subject.​ California's landscapes are diverse. Close up study of a particular scene, like a rocky beach or vines growing in the Gold Country or Napa Valley is also very rewarding.  As an artist, I see a painting everywhere I go. ​My favorite locations have been near my former home in Northern California and now in Maui, Hawaii.

I have captured a few of my favorites as original art in oil paint or watercolor. l plan to travel more and add to my collection of artist favorites to share.

The original art paintings may be available in limited edition giclee, various sizes available and individually enhanced by the artist to make each one of them unique.

​Click on the image to display the full size painting and caption.

​Please inquire on my artist contact page for more information.

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