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It Made My Day- And Theirs!

Maui is still in the middle of this pandemic and must shelter in place. Luckily, I had a commissioned piece of art to complete during this lull in activity to keep my mind off it for a little while. Here is it's story:

The annual fall tournament at the Wailea Tennis Club is an event I truly enjoy and participate in, not by playing, but by donating to the cause- the Semper Fi Fund. This year I again donated my time- I offered to paint a commissioned oil painting to the highest bidder. Sue and Bruce won and were thrilled! But, they had to figure out what they wanted me to paint for them.

I met with them at their home and looked at the other art they had to see if I could create something that would blend in and fit their personalities. We decided on a color pallette and the scene- their favorite walk on Keawakapu Beach- and an embrace. They approved the sketch I created for them that week and off to the canvas I went!

I named the painting, "The Kiss" smiling every time I saw it- their embrace, the kiss, him lifting her out of the waves and she is light as a feather! The waves are lapping over his feet on a bright sunny day in Maui. I saw sheer joy.

I delivered the painting today, (in its Covid-19 protective wrap) and it made my day- and theirs. Mahalo to you Sue and Bruce for your donation to the cause and allowing me to recreate your special moment.

#DianeSnoeyAppler annually #donates her artistic time to the #Waileatennisclub #fundraiser for #semperfifund and created a #custompainting as an #oilpainting #original #commission for this great couple who #love #keawakapubeach in #MauiHawaii and obviously #loveoneanother -enjoying a big #kiss in the #lappingwaves. #Painting in the time of #covid19.

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