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Guest Post by Sarah Schiltz: Painter of Paradise

There are some places in this world that marvels you in its history - taking you on a little journey of the time it represents. There are others that take you inward, diving into introspection of self. Maui is one of those places for me. The beauty of her waters, beaches, foliage, food and people evoke both awe and comfort. My husband Greg and I found a special place on Maui that enabled us to look inward, dance in the sand, swim in old mother ocean, and connect with our love and with the Honu. (Photos by Sarah Schiltz)

Photos provide a glimpse into a moment of time, with happy smiles that fade and get stuck in a box in the garage over time. For a milestone anniversary, I commissioned Diane, a dear friend and extraordinary talent to paint our special place. Our paradise.

(Painted on location Mahina, Honokowai, Maui)

She captured not only its beauty, but a reflection of the emotion this evoked for us. This turned out to be the last anniversary gift I would be able to give to my beloved as he passed over from cancer a year later.

I will treasure Diane’s art always as she captured the soul and spirit of a time that I can visit everyday.

To life and love,


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