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A plein air day, painting with a  Canadian friend  on the slopes of Haleakala.  We were conversing and focusing on the elements of landscape painting, looking uphill all morning. The land below us was shrouded in clouds and not interesting.  I was new enough to Maui to not know where I actually was.  We just pulled off the road and got busy. As we worked and chatted, we completed a good study of the uphill slope and hills.  Then, refreshing the canvases we turned around.....holy cow I said and thought why was I facing the other way all day?? Though were were nearing the end of the day's session of painting, I had to capture as much of this as I could right then and could not really tell where the clouds, sky and sea left off and the other begain.  It was a challenge to capture.


Prints 8" x 10" matted to 11 x 14 inches

Lim. Ed. giclee 16 x 20 inches


Custom print sizes available upon request.

Price includes S&H to USA destinations.

Horses Have the Best View, Haleakala Ranch,- Maui

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