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Quarantini Times

The stay home order for the COVID-19 quarantine is getting pretty old- no tennis, no going to the beach, no restaurants open, with only a handful offering take out. The cats had been brushed until they said QUIT!. (They can't figure out why we are home all the time). Here's Boomer being goofy and awaiting breakfast.

And Lilikoi- she's the princess- she likes to lay on the bed and watch the sunset- waiting for us to call her for treats- a nightly activity.

In a previous post I mentioned my creativity getting a new kitchen toy- an Instantpot. I've mastered it pretty well. The jury is still out on making kalua pork in it- my husband thinks the slow cooker version is better- so we will have to test the theory. Stay tuned.

As for other creative opportunities, outside of cooking and painting, we had some fun with COVID Cocktails. Hey --a girl can't paint endlessly day after day or there would be no passion left!

Thirty days of creativity in the Stay Home Bar at the TradeWinds Studio with on hand ingredients! We shook, blended, stirred, and swizzled a new concoction every night, trading off every other day for husband vs wife creation. It was fun AND tasty. We set up the scene and SIPped the day's reward in the orchid garden at happy hour (on the shady side of the house).

After 30 days the orchids are still going strong but we stopped the specialty cocktails. More of the images are on my Facebook page as we mugged for the camera. Got a lot of request for a cocktail, photo and painting coffeetable book to commemorate the days... but right now I just want to forget about the virus. But in case I change my mind, I started a few botanical paintings of the 30 day ingredients. "Maui Gold #1" 5x5 in oil.

Here's the parting shot- day 30 with a classic frozen strawberry Daiquiri.

Scene was set: Local bananas coutesy of the neighbor, flowers from the garden. The candle that reads "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" was a housewarming gift from Matt and Lana. And the star of the quarantine time-- the bad hair day courtesy of the stay at home orders. Shaka! Aloha!

#Maui #oilpainter #DianeSnoeyAppler talks about her creative outlets during the #COVID-19 #SIP #Stayhome #quarantine showcasing her #orchids #kitties and #quarantini #cocktails which endured for #30days.

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