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Paint One Just For me!

Like many of you, my collector hasn't ever helped create her own painting! A commissioned oil painting is just that - we work together to create just the right scene for just the right moment as a lasting memory. And I help make it easy to do!

They picked Makena Cove AKA Secret Beach AKA Wedding Beach. So off we went to check it out! A walk, a swim and the creative juices were flowing. It's not every day a collector gets to watch me sketch out the ideas in person.

Yes, there were TWO weddings happening there that morning, we tried to stay out of the way. Camped out in our spot, I sketched and chatted about the ideas she had.

The trees were magnificent, the sky so blue (can you see the sliver of the moon?), and the water......what a glorious day.

- and my collector decided to surprise me and make it an event. When I turned around from checking out the trees and water, here is what I saw!

You had me at Champagne! Bonus! Chocolates! A few sips and more sketching and I think we were well on our way to coming up with the ideal painting for them. Horizontal orientation, lots of blue water with aqua in the shallows, white foam, a wave crashing, some rocks and the iconic palm tree. Add a honu? Yes. Add a whale spouting? Yes. Sand the color of sand? Yes. And since I do a lot of my work on location, it will likely contain some sand!

Artist @ Work! The canvas is almost ready to be started in the studio, but I'm sure I'll need to go back on 'location' to gather more data....that will be another great beach day!

Did I ever tell you I love my job?

A toast to Maui, my collectors and becoming an artist! I do love my job. A colorful and blessed life.

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