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Happy Birthday to Me!

Updated: Jan 4

In my last blog post I talked about the staycations we like to do in Maui. My birthday weekend was another staycation event! ! We were invited to a Pacific Cancer Foundation fundraiser ...

and decided to bid on another opportunity to benefit the cancer charity and enjoy new Maui experiences! It goes to a great cause, cancer has touched many of our families over the years.

We selected the Hotel Lahaina and Lahaina Grill as my birthday weekend present and won the bids.

Hotel Lahaina is a historic building. I loved the figurehead entry. The hotel is clean, tiny (comfortable but minimalistic), rooms are pretty miniature as well. Most rooms do not have TV… so check ahead on your room if it’s a requirement. For us, it’s not. I sketch and take photos, and dream. Note: Not for folks with lots of luggage for sure (closet is hooks on the wall) but the balcony was great for watching the boats coming and going, and it was all we needed since we just came as an overnight stay plus dinner.