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Gecko Days

There's a saying going around in the COVID-19 time kidding about the end of days sequestered, that we'd end it as " a Chunk, a Drunk, or a Hunk" depending upon your quarantine activities. Well, the stay at home order went into place for us March 17, 2020. And this photo I downloaded told the story and jokes to come.

Chunk: Grocery shopping was going to be a challenge though we did plan ahead. It's amazing what you can order from Amazon- and thank goodness because the grocery stores ran out of a lot of basic foods and toilet paper. Hawaiians typically prepare for hurricanes and power outages, so dried foods- rice- legumes- canned goods- bottled water, etc. were in short supply. I was going to have to cook 3 meals a day and not able to get fresh veggies every day.....ugh. I like to cook, don't get me wrong, but when I WANT to.... I ordered an Instantpot on Amazon for fun and diversion, maybe convert some of my favorite recipes to cook fast so I still had time to paint. Long story short, it comes with an APP for recipes- enter in your key ingredient and up pops a bunch of recipes to try. Fast, convenient and oh so tasty! But it makes a LOT.