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Gecko Days

There's a saying going around in the COVID-19 time kidding about the end of days sequestered, that we'd end it as " a Chunk, a Drunk, or a Hunk" depending upon your quarantine activities. Well, the stay at home order went into place for us March 17, 2020. And this photo I downloaded told the story and jokes to come.

Chunk: Grocery shopping was going to be a challenge though we did plan ahead. It's amazing what you can order from Amazon- and thank goodness because the grocery stores ran out of a lot of basic foods and toilet paper. Hawaiians typically prepare for hurricanes and power outages, so dried foods- rice- legumes- canned goods- bottled water, etc. were in short supply. I was going to have to cook 3 meals a day and not able to get fresh veggies every day.....ugh. I like to cook, don't get me wrong, but when I WANT to.... I ordered an Instantpot on Amazon for fun and diversion, maybe convert some of my favorite recipes to cook fast so I still had time to paint. Long story short, it comes with an APP for recipes- enter in your key ingredient and up pops a bunch of recipes to try. Fast, convenient and oh so tasty! But it makes a LOT.

My favorite? Kalua Pork. Hands down. Fine dining and half goes into the freezer. Definitely a time saver. I went back to painting. And a few pounds went on.

Drunk: Creatives have to create! Mauians are generous people and share any excess fruits and veggies between neighbors. So the next bright idea was to make a daily cocktail from the local harvests with only the ingredients and alcohol on hand or provided by the neighbors- no shopping- its shelter in place time! We have a stocked cabinet since we love to entertain our gallery visitors. A cocktail a day was created, enjoyed and posted on my Facebook page- for 30 days. My favorite? LIlikoi Lime Banana Quarantini! No recipe- just mix it up to taste.

Many friends and followers suggested I publish a cocktail recipe book. Intriguing, if this quarantine continues. But- I got weary....

....I could not look at another cocktail at 30 days and called it a day. And a few more pounds were added.....

Hunk: Everything was closed on the island except essential services, even the beaches. (Later they allowed walking the beach to get exercise or into the water, but that was it- no lingering.) Tennis courts were closed and locked. Food and drink added on a few pounds and we had to get creative. We walked the beaches; I took photos to use later in painting since I could not do it on the beach. This was the result of a couple of weeks of walks- going back to see more details to take home to the studio. "Maluaka Maui- Morning Magic"

I walked the neighborhood socially distanced with my neighbor ladies but it was not enough. Discovered the APP "Fit On" and got started! This APP has great workouts. Still at it 16 weeks later and it feels good. And tennis started again- 8- 10 AM twice a week -so hot in July but so fun! This is me yesterday walking in the door- John snapped the pix to show me how exhausted I looked. But Happy! COVID pounds are off!

By now you are wondering why I titled this blog post Gecko Days....

Yes, still socially distancing, at home quarantine, still in the kitchen, very few restaurants are open for outdoor dining, take out is limited. My husband John and I are sitting in the garden in the evening, still have an evening beverage (not so full of calories though...) and behold! we are being watched!

A friend told us he was able to tame this variety of gecko (Gold Dust Gecko) to eat out of his hand, and we experienced a brave gecko eating leftover coconut cream pie remnants on a plate by my chair a few years ago. This is George on the orchids.

He's full grown about 4-5 inches long. We named them since we can tell them apart by size and markings He has a girlfriend, we call her Gracie ( on fence). She looks to have some eggs ready and is a bit smaller. They coexist so we figure they are a pair.

6 PM the sprinklers for the orchids goes off and its feeding time for George and Gracie. Every day they get to try different fruits- strawberry, mango, banana, lilikoi, guava jelly. Banana wins with mango coming in second. They wait on the orchid fence for their fruit. They are very shy but come out and let us watch them enjoy their dessert. Gracie is the first one down the fence- figure she's eating for two or three, and George is right behind her keeping an eye on me, finally so enthralled with the banana he lets me get pretty close for a picture.

What shall we do next to keep us entertained? After describing the gecko antics to the neighbors, they quoted "...whatever keeps you sane!"


And Hawaii quarantine continues...extended until Sept. 1.


#Maui artist Diane Snoey Appler tells tales of #COVID-19 coping with #Instantpot meals, #Amazon purchases, #toiletpaper shortages #quarantini #quarantine #cocktails #weightgain from #30daysofcocktails. She copes with walks on the #beach at #Maluaka for #Painting ideas, #fiton workouts, and #tennis. #Golddustgeckos are the evening entertainment.

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