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Father's Day Surprise

Flight tracker App in Maui is a great tool- you can see when the plane is coming overhead and know when to get to the airport. Guess who is on it?

Son Justin needed a break from work and we have just the thing...hmmm parents live in Maui....and Father's Day is upon us... how about a visit? Indeed. This is his plane approaching OGG.

We made some plans, which included doing nothing and hanging out on the porch in the hammock. He treated us to classic Mai Tais or Martinis at Ferraro's and to dinner at DUO at the Four Season, a treat to eat and enjoy fabulous service, and for the eyes as it is a gorgeous tropical hotel, one of our favorites!

We needed some hiking to work off all that great food. Makena coastline is a great spot to watch the kayakers, and snorkelers. Sometimes honu rescue teams are there since there is one easy access point to help them get the honu to shore and attended to. (I'm just posing in our favorite vacation pose, goofing off as usual.) A plus was Golden State Warriors basketball playoffs gave us some off- island excitement with us to enjoy with friends.

Mixology is a hobby for us all so we took on a try at a fizzy Mai Tai....classic recipe but topped with prosecco and Lilikoi foam. Looks like a scene out of COVID Daze cocktail hours.

Cheers to a great visit, family fun, A Warriors win and a new recipe. Thanks for the visit!


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