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Let Me Paint YOUR Paradise

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

"Chip's 5 Palms"

A tall man was practically running by my art display in a hurry to get to his next appointment. Suddenly he stopped (I swear I heard a screeching halt). And stared. And got very animated. He gave me his Instagram name and said " I love your work. You'd really like my photos I've taken here on Maui, you might want to paint one. Take a look". But would any be so compelling that I'd work from a photo vs. go on-site to paint the scene I selected?

A few hours passed, busy with my show and I forgot to check the site. When finally did, I was completely wowed. Not only were these 'amateur shots' colorful and playful, but they captured a moment in time in Maui that few would see. Perfect fodder for my paints and canvases.