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Bite the Bullet- Do a Show!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I joined the Los Altos Art Club to meet other artists in the area and take part in workshops. A couple of years of painting, of trying different techniques, a couple of different teachers all with the goal to stand on my own work and take the plunge and show it to others. The goal was to get up enough nerve and skills to participate in the Open Studio in Silicon Valley with a hundreds of very talented artists. I did it. My studio was the backyard befitting a Plein Air artist.

Later, I participated in displaying my work in various locations around the area, and got some great exposure and experience in setting up a show and how to hang the art for the best viewing. Let's say it built character! Coffee shops and pancake houses.

But people were seeing my work for the first time. And I was encouraged to continue building on my skills. I was hooked and loved to paint when ever I could get a few hours to focus in on my craft.

Come out to the #Los #Altos #Art #Club for an evening of fun.

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